Check Your Knowledge at Email Train Brain! (c) Copper displaces zinc from zinc sulphate solution. (d) all of these, Question 3. Metals have generally _____ melting and boiling points. Answer: 3. Suggest an activity to arrange sodium, magnesium and copper in the order of their decreasing reactivity. Non-metals like nitrogen and phosphorus are used in fertilisers for better yield of plant. (d) Coal can be drawn into wires. Answer. (a) Explanation: CJstates CJstates Answer: True. True (c) Metals can be polished. 6. This proves that the mixture is not yet a compound, and is a mixture, as it can be separated by physical means. (d) sodium, Question 14. Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. False, a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal from its salt solution in water. Compare the physical properties of metals and non-metals. Metals react with acids to produce respective salts with evolution of Sugar is a single compound, made up of only one type of molecule. Similarities between ductile material and brittle material. 3. (c) Silica What is a displacement reaction? Keyword: slip system (c) KIC decreases with increasing strain rate. Advertisement. (ii)They form negative ions and are good oxidising agents. If gold becomes reactive like copper then its use in ornaments will decline. Answer: Therefore, they are weakest under tension or tensile stresses. 3. Carbon, Question 8. Circle True or False. The industries emit harmful gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, these gases react with moisture present in air and form nitric acid and sulphuric acid. (c) CO2 gas 9. True (a) silver Why aluminium is used for wrapping of food items? ( ) (c) Copper displaces zinc from zinc sulphate solution. View Answer. You are advised to practice it at home. 5. True False




Tags: Question 4 . (b) Sodium is a very reactive metal. Which metal is more reactive: Iron or zinc? Answer: Write True Or False : When Iron and Sulphur Are Heated Together a Grey Mass is Formed Which is Attracted by a Magnet . Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, sulphur, phosphorus, etc. _____ is non-metal used in breathing by all living beings. Why? It can be beaten into thin sheets and can be folded into any shape. (iii) Reaction with acids: Metals react with acid to form their salts followed by evolution of hydrogen gas. True or false? 15. Ram stored copper sulphate solution in a container made of iron. Answer: (b) Silicon (d) None of these (c) Lithium Question 15. F8-4: At room temperature, mild steel is a ductile material. (a) Aluminium True ( )? Copper, Question 18. 2. 4. It is a heterogeneous mixture: broth with onions in it. Nonmetals tend to be non-lustrous, brittle and poor conductors of heat and electricity. A. (b) Discuss in the class. Which of the following is a non-metal? From among the set of metals — sodium, zinc, iron, copper, silver, select the following giving equations for each reaction : … True Ungraded . If there is a mercury spill, we must leave the area immediately and inform our parents or teachers. Question 6. Ans: False 3. 10. Answer: This … The ultimate tensile strength and yield strength refer to different material properties. Because of being more reactive than the metals which they displace. (b) basic (d) Zinc, Question 8. In displacement reactions sarahmmmmmh sarahmmmmmh Answer:sulfer by itself is not pleasant and it can be dangerous by itself but in large amounts. Answer: (a) shiny Explain with examples. 15. Answer. Answer: Carbon, a non-metal, is used in most of the fuels. Gallium metal is in solid state at or just above room temperature- False. or False ( )? It is also used in aircrafts and automobiles, etc. SURVEY . The locations of the deposits of these metals may be shown on the map of India. 4. metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. (a) We must see the carat of gold jewellery, current price and BIS hallmark on it. (c) copper An index card is used for recording and storing small sizes of discrete data. 8. View Answer. Most of the metals do not react with bases. True or False? Prev Question Next Question. Generally, non-metals do not react with bases. The iron container was found to be corroded from many places. Give one example. What is reactivity series? Which substance is used for making pencil lead? In chemistry, we learn about metals, non-metals and metalloids. All the matter around us is not pure. What is a metal? Which metal is used in wrapping materials? (d) generally solid and gasses, Question 7. 8. true or false? Explain chemical properties of metals with examples. What is ductility? 3. In which form are the deposits found? (c) both (a) and (b) TRUE, this molecule is called sulfur hexachloride.When naming covalently-bonded molecules, the number of each atom must be signified by a prefix unless the quantity of the first element is one. (d) None of these, Question 12. Malleability is the property of metals due to which they can be beaten into thin sheets. View Answer. Non-metals are Answer: True We hope the given NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals with Answers Pdf free download will help you. (c) generally solids Answer: Non-metal used to make an antiseptic solution called tincture. Question 1. Answer: Find out the locations of the deposits of iron, aluminium and zinc in India. Hydrogen gas is not evolved when a metal reacts with _____ . MEDIUM. Do it yourself. False (or uncertain) Recall the criteria to use when comparing policy instruments that we discussed in class: 1. Answer: (a) False. Sulfur is a natural element and exists in many forms. The filings 'stand up', but the sulfur does not. 4. Answer: It consists of heavy paper cut to a standard size. Name one metal which does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid. 10. b. Cast iron property is defend upon the manufactured product based. What happens when a magnesium ribbon is heated in presence of air? (h) Answer: III. Volume. What is meant by saying that metals are malleable and ductile ? Question 3. Answer: (1 pt each) 12. Non-metals cannot be converted into wires. Metals like gold, silver and platinum are used to make jewellery and other decorating items. 3. (c) 3. (c) Some shopkeeper’s are greedy, mean, cheater and money minder. (a) non-ductile Concept: Concept of Chemical Reactions. Under room temperature with finite notches in the specimen, Mild Steel is Brittle. Why some metals displace other metals from their solution? Non-metal like chlorine is used in water purification process. Distinguish between metals and non-metals on the basis of their physical properties. Copper, iron, graphite, sulphur, aluminium, oxygen Concept: Concept of Chemical Reactions. Answer: Question 10. The oxide of chlorine having the maximum oxidizing power is : HARD. (b) a less reactive metal displaces a more reactive metal. 4. The physical properties of non-metals are: Question 5. Take small pieces of copper turnings and add warm water to it. (c) Aluminium For example. Gold and silver, Question 21. Basic solution turns red litmus into blue. Question 33. Classify the following into metals and non-metals: True (c) Metals can be polished. True ( )? Sorry sir ur question cannot match it. (b) All non-metals are ductile. True or False? (c) Sulphur (d) Oxygen. The maximum shear stress theory gives better results for ductile materials. The process is explained here for your help. You, can do it yourself for more knowledge about metals and non-metals. Question 1. If it get into the food chain, it leads to mercury poisoning. TRUE FALSE Tags: Question 5 SURVEY 30 seconds Q. 5. Report an issue . Find an answer to your question “True or false 1.The valence number of Sulphur in H2S is 1. 11. In case one principal stress is zero, the other principal stress is equal to: Maximum shear stress. Zinc 5. What are the physical properties of non-metals? Answer: Water uses the surface of the ice cube tray for heterogeneous nucleation. 7. Which metal is higher up in the reactivity series—sodium or silver? 15. Under room temperature with no notches in the specimen, Mild Steel is Ductile. Matter exists in two types. Metals produce their hydroxides or oxides and hydrogen when they react with water. 9. 2. (b) The matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. 11. Answer: The exam is closed book, closed notes except a one-page crib sheet. For example, Aluminium is more reactive than copper. Rust formed on iron object is acidic in nature. This will help you. For example. 1414 Views. (d) true. Answer: Sodium, III. Non-metals react with water to form a gas which burns with a ‘pop’ sound. It depends on the environmental conditions. (b) chlorine (d) aluminium, Question 15. It doesn’t react with warm water also. It is a very dangerous metal as its density is very high. Name two metals which do not react with oxygen even at high temperature. At pressures close to 1 atm, rhombic sulphur can be in stable equilibrium with liquid Question 7. 2. The hydrogen gas formed on adding calcium to water sticks to the surface of calcium solid and make it float in water. Take an electric tester and test the conductivity of the given metals separately with the wires of same length and thickness. Discuss with your parents/neighbours/goldsmiths why gold is preferred for making jewellery. Question 25. Name the property due to which metals can be beaten into thin sheets. Answer: What is the most common metal found on Earth? Inherently, brittle materials rarely crack in a ductile mode. Stress concentrations only effect ductile materials. (b) Mercury is a good conductor of heat. 14. Question 5. Energy stored in a material during its deformation is known as elastic energy. SURVEY . Ans: True 5. The tablet is not made of iron metal, instead it contains a salt of iron. All the best Why does calcium float in water?,, (c) False Sulfur is an element in crystallized form, when broken, it turns into a kind of chunky dust. 9. What happens when metals react with water? Mark these in an outline map of India. Answer: TRUE . 12. Which of the following non-metals are used in fertilisers? But most of the non-metals reacts with oxygen on ignition. Name the property due to which metals shine. 2. (a) Sodium Sulphur is also used in preparing skin medicines and making ointment due to its fungicidal properties. 10. Antimony, arsenic, silicon, boron, etc. Malleability, Question 7. Visit the following websites and enjoy the quiz on metals and non-metals: Answer: Question 6. Question 3. All metals are hard except _____ and _____. 13. The symbol of potassium is derived from English name. b) A tax on emissions of a pollutant, such as sulphur dioxide, is always better than a tax on an input, such as coal, used in the production process that creates the pollutant, when one is attempting to reduce pollution. Jul 28 2016 01:38 PM. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. Potassium and sodium, Question 6. (b) Phosphorus Question 23. Hence, the slightest change in temperature is potable when it is used in a thermometer. (b) 5. Question 2. Magnesium reacts with warm water to form magnesium oxide and hydrogen gas. Non-metals do not react with water. Metals are sonorous and used in ringing bells whereas non-metals are non-sonorous and cannot be used in ringing bells. 3. 3. False 5. CBSE Solutions CBSE Previous Year Question Paper With Iodine is a _____ having lustre. True or false? Answer: (a) Sodium Lakhmir Singh Science Class 8 Solutions Chapter 4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals provided here is prepared by subject experts, according to the latest CBSE syllabus. (iv) Reaction with acids and bases: Generally, non-metals do not react with acids and bases. 8. The graphite can be induced to precipitate in a spheroidal shape by removing the sulphur from the melt using a small quantity of calcium carbide. (c) both metals and non-metals Answer: Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false. 1. For example, placing a strip of zinc metal in a copper (II) sulphate solution will produce metallic copper and zinc sulphate, since zinc is above copper on the series. SURVEY . Non-metals are For example. 13. 180 seconds ... ductile . Take a pinch of sodium with a forceps and place in a beaker containing water. Now compare the conductivity of all metals according to their brightness as you observed. Pure substances and mixtures. (d) This is because iron filings are attracted to the magnet but sulfur is not. Corrosion. Answer: (d) None of these, Question 18. If you feel any information regarding CBSE Class 8 Science Materials: Metals and Non-Metals MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers is missing do reach us and we … Answer: Zn + CuSO4 ---> ZnSO4 + Cu is an example of a ----- reaction. What happens when metals react with oxygen? If a material can easily be drawn into the shape of a wire, it is answer choices Ductile Magnetic Malleable Reactive … (a) Aluminium For example, Malleability and sonority. (b) Magnesium Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Name the property due to which metals can be drawn into wires. 2. (d) 7. Sulfur can not form H-bond because the electronegativity difference is smaller. Name one non-metal which is lustrous. Question 1. (c) Both (a) and Explain with suitable examples the chemical properties of non-metals. Answer: Gold, silver and platinum do not react with water. 2. Non-metals For example, aluminium and copper are drawn into wires and used for electrical and different purposes. It is cheaper than other malleable metals and does not react with food items. Answer: True False: The various types of foliation depend upon the grade of metamorphism and the mineralogy of the parent rock. Imagine that gold is reactive like copper. The activity series is a useful guide for predicting the products of metal displacement reactions. True or False: Sulfur by itself isn't too bad, it's when it reacts with other elements that it can become dangerous See answer true dianamarushkevych is waiting for your help. (b) Sulphur 10. high True or False? Due to its bleaching properties it is used to make bleaching powder. All metal chlorides are ionic in nature. Bronze is made from what two metals? oxides of non-metals are acidic in nature and oxides of metals are basic in nature. (d) All of these, Question 17. True or False? Answer: (a) All metals are ductile. (a) True or false? 2. Keyword: diffusion (b) FCC metals remain ductile down to very low temperatures. Answer: (b) Oxygen Ductility is one of the properties of metals due to which they can be drawn into wires. Q. (a) metals Report an issue . (d) ELEMENT COMPOUND MIXTURE there are only about 100 of them? Metalloids possess the properties of 6. Sulphur is a non-metal, so it is not ductile. 61 Qs. Related Questions. True because metals are sonorous. Sonority, Question 11. Mercury is largely used in thermometers to measure the temperature. 4. Download the solution in PDF format for free 13. False Answer: Both are associated with the plastic deformation of the material under tensile loading. Today I will made your concept of DBTT much clear in a clear way. Why metals are used in ringing bells? Some noble metals like gold, silver and platinum do not react with oxygen. Difference between metals and non-metals on the basis of their physical properties. Related Questions to study. 3. For example, if we beat or hammer any metal like aluminium, zinc, iron, copper, etc., it become longer and larger but does not break. State whether the given statement is true or false: Highest fluorides of oxygen is O F 2 whereas sulphur forms S F 6 . Question 1. Gold, silver and platinum do not react with water. 12. mercury Question 8. Question 34. Due to which property a bell rings? Metals have a high. Answer: ... State whether the following statements are true or false : (a) Alcohol can be separated from a mixture of alcohol and water by a separating funnel. (iv) Reaction with bases: Most of the metals do not react with bases. 7. The only liquid metal is bromine. From among the set of metals — sodium, zinc, iron, copper, silver, select the following giving equations for each reaction : (a) Two metals which will liberate hydrogen from water. True. 7. I. (d) Coal can be drawn into wires. (a) Generally, non-metals react with acids. (i) Reaction with oxygen: Non-metals react with oxygen to form acidic oxides. Question Bank Solutions 6585. Question 4. When sulphur is stretched, it breaks into pieces and does not form wires. Answer. Copper, Question 17. (a) bromine (a) Gold 9. Fill in the Blanks First of all, you should know this : * For Brittle Materials : Ultimate strength in Compression > Shear > Tension. For example, when zinc (Zn) reacts with copper sulphate (CuS04), zinc replaces copper being it more reactive than copper. Ans: a 42. Metals are non-sonorous. 1. good conductors, electricity D. Both statements are false. _____ are used in medicines as antiseptic. (b) Zinc Copper is used in wiring because it is both ductile and conductive. Fireworks contains metal salts and metal oxides which react to produce an array of colours. (b) Both statements are true and the 2nd statement is a correct explanation of the 1st statement. True False Correct : A compound is made up of two or more elements is a fixed proportion by mass. True. Answer. Answer: 4. Name two physical properties of metals. (a) What precautions should you take while purchasing gold jewellery? How are metals useful to us? Question 13. They help us in many ways. Pure gold is very soft and is thus not suitable for making jewellery. The only liquid metal is _____. Zinc is used in galvanisation and dry cell and chromium in electroplating. Answer: Question 10. True ( )? Sulphur and sodium are used in fire crackers. Question 12. The reaction is as follows: Question 11. Brittleness, malleable, toughness, ductile is a mechanical properties of the material. Name two metals which are soft enough to be cut. Aluminium, Question 15. Answer: View Answer. Sulfur is a non-metal and does not have free electrons to conduct electricity, hence, sulfur is poor conductor of electricity. Answer: Iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) get rusted when react in presence of oxygen and water (moist air). 13. Answer: Under Metals are non-sonorous. True; False. Ductile Iron play a critical role in heat treatment, acting as both a source and sink for carbon. Answer: Answer: Carbon is used as a fuel in the form of coke or charcoal. alternatives . Question 12. With the help of equations, explain the reaction of non-metals with oxygen. (c) What value of shopkeeper’s are shown here? false. All the gases are non-metals. Practice important Questions. Ductile materials frequently undergo brittle fracture. Without it, no living beings can exist alive on this earth. Prepare Index Cards for any four metals and four non-metals. IV. Metals react with water. Coal can be drawn into wires- False. Question 5. (c) Copper The metals occupying the higher positions in the activity series are more reactive in displacing the other metals lying below it from the solutions of their salts. Explain. What factors should we consider while distinguishing these three? Which non-metal does conduct heat and electricity? True (b) What standard you must see on gold ornaments? Q. Non-metals cannot be converted into wires. Question 1. Complete and balance the following equations: 5. Activities and Projects 5. Metals react with steam to form metal hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Take up the quiz below and find out. Hope the information shared regarding the NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals with Answers Pdf free download is true and genuine as far as our knowledge is concerned. However, some metals like aluminium, lead and zinc react with strong bases like sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to make complex salts and hydrogen. (a) Sulphur Perform the experiment and prepare a short report on the results. The most ductile metal is Answer: (a) 10. 2. 3. 2. Chlorine is not a non-metal. #3 Which of the following statements about the sulphur phase diagram is FALSE: a. The only liquid metal is bromine. Acid rain causes the corrosion of buildings and make food grains, fruits and vegetables unfit for consumption. (d) all of these, Question 2. 8. (4) True. Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false. Question 2. (a). Magnesium reacts very slowly with cold water. Answer: (a) False (b) True (c) False (d) False. Non-metal, Question 20. 18. Answer: (b) Diamond False Question 1. Answer: The tablet does not look like iron. 2. The card should have information like name of metal/non-metal; its physical properties, chemical properties and its uses. Due to their thermal and electrical conductivity, metals are use to make utensils, cooking vessels, wires and appliances. 15. True 3. Answer: Is it true or false? Question 5. True. False Question 6. Question 3. 5. Substances which are soft and dull, i.e., non-lustrous, non-sonorous, non-ductile, non-malleable and poor conductor of heat and electricity are called non-metals. Sodium and potassium do not react vigorously with water and oxygen. 1. Answer: Question 4. 9. (a) A compound is made up of just one kind of atom. Sodium and Answer . An HCP material is ductile because it does not have cross slipping. But some jewellers mix a large quantity of copper and silver in gold to earn more profit. Answer: For example, copper and aluminium are mainly used for these purposes. What are main uses of metals? Fill in the blanks with suitable word/s. Reactivity series is an arrangement of metals in decreasing order of their reactivity from highest to lowest. This … (c) Copper displaces zinc from zinc sulphate solution. 17. Write True Or False : When Iron and Sulphur Are Heated Together a Grey Mass is Formed Which is Attracted by a Magnet . Both statements are true but the 2nd statement is NOT a correct explanation of the 1st statement. Also have a discussion on this in the class. At room temperature, mild steel is a ductile material.

sulphur is ductile true or false

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