Here are some ideas to fit in a quick workout at home. You can get your toddler playing independently and then you can get a few things done around the house. Instead create an intentional nighttime routine that makes you happy, relaxed, and sets you up for some quality shut eye. Keep meal times as consistent as possible for toddlers. I recommend doing the following during this time: I’ve found that doing a quick clean after breakfast and doing just one load of laundry a day takes very little time, yet goes a long way to keeping a neat and tidy house. View all of the simple activities to do at home with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Routines will vary for every family depending on what needs to be done and different ages but set up a morning routine … Join the 5-day email challenge and get the tools to start your day with energy & focus. I like to make healthy muffins, whole wheat waffles, or pumpkin wheat pancakes in bulk and freeze them. Stay at home mom and baby daily routine. You can do all the prep work (e.g. So glad you found this helpful! Creating a stay at home mom schedule is simply another way to keep your life organized. Monday, December 7 2020. All Rights Reserved. For reference, my toddler (Harper) is 2 years, 8 months old, and my baby (Penelope) is 8 months old. Sleep time (Enough to get me my 8 hours of mommy sleep). So excited, YAY Would love some input! It’s ok to take a break. this schedule is not for a particular day only as there are no holidays. If you do visit the grocery store, here are a few quick tips: After your outing, it’s time for lunch! This is a great time to divide and conquer with your partner. Therefore, it’s important that you find what works for you and your children. Kids and babies crave predictable patterns that they can come to expect. Babies change so frequently in that first year, that just as soon as I thought I had our routine figured out, he would change. After the kids are both down (or doing quiet time), you can take a minute for yourself. Baby Schedules & Routines. Girl, I’ve been there. Personally, I like to help my toddler transition into naps by reading a short book and/or singing a song. Unfortunately, I don’t have an editable mom/baby/toddler schedule at this time, but funnily enough it crossed my mind this past weekend. What goals would you like to reach? And with the free printables, the sample schedule, and the following tips and strategies, you’ll be able to create a fantastic daily schedule for a toddler and baby that totally works for you. I was sitting drinking (still hot) coffee, doing my best dramatic presentation of Green Eggs and Ham for my 3 year old.. These 7 recipes are healthy and can be made in under 30 minutes. After resting (if you need it…and let’s face it, you probably do), this could be a good time to prep dinner. This is a sample schedule for a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and a nursing baby of around 3-6 months (e.g. Well, you and the toddler. Personally, I’ve found that meal prepping breakfast makes a HUGE difference in how my morning goes. I pull out a “new box” (our daily toy rotation) and put it in toddler’s room … Love your days with this stay at home mom morning routine, plus get a free SAHM daily schedule template inside to help you build your own powerful routine.. My first real experience with snow was as a college freshman. 12-2:00/3:00 Nap for the kiddo. 7:00 am to 8 am- Reading or playing with educational/skill building toys. Read my, Copyright ©2020, The Incremental Mama. Keeping things calm and relaxed is the key so they can wind down before bed. Daily cleaning (I have a separate article dedicated to this and I highly recommend that you take a look at it). I’ve found that little kids love to be helpful and while it may take a little longer, you get to bond with your little sweetie, teach them to clean, and still get stuff done around the house. 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm: Quiet play or rest time/ not necessarily nap time but if your little one does doze off, allow him the indulgence. This is a lovely time to all watch something or spend some quality time together and have a little snack. I love a schedule. These are the must do entries that are nearly non-negotiable in terms of time. Here are my favorite make-ahead breakfast recipes. Baby, toddler, and preschooler routines, schedules, and rhythms for daily life as a stay at home mom. I’ve just purchased your templates but more as a thanks for this great article with the suggestions. Steps for Making Your Own Schedule as a Stay-At-Home Mom. Good luck! And you’ve probably got the most energy you’ll have all day. Now that everyone’s ready for the day, it’s time to make and eat breakfast. By this point, you’re probably drop dead exhausted. He feeds her some solid food (usually a … Literally. If you’re anything like me, you want something quick, easy, and preferable healthy. This is so helpful! I love having toys around that house that my toddler can play with on her own so I can get a few things done before we play together. Days with newborns and older babies can be difficult. Remember, this is your quiet time too. chopping, measuring, etc) so that you can easily throw dinner together later on. Love the schedule. // Site by. RELATED POSTS: 8 Tips to Survive a Newborn and a Toddler. Here are a few ways to incorporate routines…. This is the simple cleaning schedule that I follow to keep my house tidy with minimal effort. Plus, over 40 pre-made routine templates if you want more help to get you from baby to toddler and … At 7:00pm, start the bedtime routine for your little ones. The core challenge (I think) with being at home with a toddler is the constant pull you feel between needing to watch, engage or entertain your toddler AND the need to get chores done, care for yourself (yes, self-care is a real need for stay-at-home moms), and/or care for a baby. The idea is to get to an 11-hour sleep routine that can be worked down to 10 and eventually to 8/9 hours as the child grows. 7:30 to 8:30 pm: Last round of cleaning for the day. 7 a.m.: Wake up, nurse, get dressed. I'd like to receive the free email course. Before your toddler is up and about, give your baby a post-nap feed so she’ll be content during the hustle and bustle of dinner and your early evening. Plan your days so that one thing usually follows the other and keep it consistent. That way I’m not struggling to throw something together while trying to manage the little ones. Hi Erin Time to wake and nurse the baby. Hopefully, you’ve prepped in advance so it’s easy to get dinner ready. Editor's note: This schedule is a combination (parent-led and baby-led) routine. Below is an outline of our daily routine (with some general times – which are not always the same every day).. 6:00am: Brendan (my husband) and Hadleigh get up for the day. They keep the sun from filtering through the window and waking up your kids at horrifically early hours. I am Hannah, a stay at home mom of 4 kids. Stay-at-home-parenting means life without a commute, without alone bathroom breaks, eating half meals, and being on all the time. 7:30 Get Toddler Up. Sweet Hannah, I am a desert dweller. Or you could even throw something in the crockpot and be done with it. a baby that’s down to 2-3 naps a day). It’s all too easy to pass several hours a day reading blogs, watching T.V., and flipping through magazines. 8:30 to 10:30 pm: Partner time daily and date night once a week. You’re up, teeth brushed and dressed for the day, and now it’s time for the real action! Menus of choice at our house are quesadillas with beans and spinach, or chicken and green beans, or… whatever is leftover from last night. These are two of my favorite Christian toddler books. And right after a little snack (for the toddler) and the baby’s morning nap is a fantastic time to head out for an adventure. Here’s the new Family Schedule! Because schedules and routines make for an organized and productive day. (Nothing makes me more stressed and irritable than a messy house). It tells kids when it’s okay to leave their bedroom in the morning by changing color at a pre-set time. It’s dinner time! Jobs of a stay at home is a helping guide for mums. 8:45 Baby naptime routine. Annnd you can’t remember the last time you went a day without having spit up or food stains on your clothes. If they wake up before this time then they can have quiet alone time in their room. Hi Caroline! Because it doesn’t really work when your number one goal is to meet your kids needs. I have never been consistent with a daily planner. How to be a Happy Stay-at-Home Mom. Do a little something for yourself to give you the boost you need to get through the second part of the day. I know just how crazy it can feel with a baby and a toddler. 3:30 pm: Outdoor time with mommy or playtime with friends (generally supervised playtime with friends). If s/he’s no longer napping, you can institute quiet time in which the child is to quietly play in a designated area for a couple hours so the baby can sleep (and so mommy doesn’t go berserk). Once my kids are in bed, I personally like to stretch (since I’m always in a hurry and rarely stretch well at the gym), take a bath while reading a book, and visit with my husband. Ready to start loving staying home with your kids? Go to bed at a reasonable time, at least one (but preferably two) hours before midnight. 8:30 a.m.: Down for her morning nap except when her brother has preschool. Begin with a blank table (above) for however many people you have. Schedule 4: A breastfeeding stay-at-home mom of a 4-month-old and a toddler. And then, before I knew it, I had 4 kids 4 and under. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. With some reading and reflection, I soon began to focus on 3 primary areas in my stay-at-home mom routine and this helped immensely: activities, identity, and self-care. 4 step method for creating your stay at home mom schedule with a toddler A routine will not only be helpful to you, but it’ll also teach your toddler what to expect on a day to day basis. If you have early risers like my kids, set this as the time they can come out of their room. This is also a good time to make sure the room is all picked up. Personally, I’ve found that when I’m getting enough sleep, everything seems to fall into place. So you’ll make and enjoy a quick lunch with your toddler, and then start transitioning for the afternoon naps! Before 9 a.m.: Breakfast, usually cereal or yogurt with small pieces of fruit. Lunchtime starts the transitioning from the busy morning to the quiet and calm afternoon where both kids will nap/have quiet time. Editor's note: This schedule is a combination (parent-led and baby-led) routine. If you are exhausted (especially if you’re still getting up with the baby at night), taking a quick cat nap will give you an energy boost and help you get through the second half of the day. Noon – Lunch. With my 2 year old and 7 month old I have been feeling like I’m drowning some days. While still teaching college classes in the evenings. Get your free toddler + baby daily schedule printables, Filed Under: Daily Routines, Kid Routines, Parenting Tips. Once the toddler is down, it’s time to nurse and put down the baby for another nap. Stay-at-Home Mom Activities for an Infant Routines and Schedules for Stay-at-Home Moms. While it can be hard to force yourself to bed when you get so little relaxation time, getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep is probably the most important thing you can do for your health and well being. We got ours at Target and they were the best investment ever. 04 April Brittany. I gave birth to my second child when my oldest was just 14 months old. Now be sure to check your email and confirm your subscription! And best of all, there’s a free printable you can download that has both the sample toddler and baby schedule as well as a customizable daily schedule template that you can fill out to meet your individual needs. (And come to think of it, did I brush my teeth today?). On this topic, I am useless. Make note of what other people are doing during things from #2. You can grab them at the bottom of this post! Thanks again!! RELATED: The Simple Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To. You know–two birds, one stone. get food out of the freezer to defrost, get out the ingredients for making breakfast, get diaper bag ready for tomorrow’s outing etc). ), quick wash up. See more ideas about Infant activities, Toddler activities, Stay at home mom. 7am-8am: Unload/load dishwasher; Start a load of laundry; Feed the dogs; Make/clean up breakfast; Baby: from 0-6 months I found it easier to just wear her for our entire morning routine. Depending on your energy level and how everyone is feeling after their naps, you could either have playtime and activities at home or head out for a second outing by going for a walk or to the park (or run out to the store to grab an ingredient you need for dinner). Baby is already fed! Schedule 3: A breastfeeding stay-at-home mom of a 10-month-old and an older child. I came across your site when researching schedules for a newborn and a two year old. A schedule may work for two days until your baby hits a growth spurt and needs to nurse constantly or your toddler gets sick and refuses to sleep. Make your very own stay at home mom schedule in 5 simple steps. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the print out! The way you write is so reassuring and straight forward – the best I’ve come across! Plus, creating a daily schedule with everything you want to accomplish will help YOU stay sane. Baby gets 2-3 naps, 5 nursing sessions, and around 15 hours of sleep, Toddler gets 1 nap (or quiet time) and about 14 hours of sleep, throw in a load of laundry & fold a load from the day before, Go for a run with a double running stroller (All my kids have, Visit the zoo (we always get a yearly zoo pass), Hit up the gym (if they’ve got good childcare and it fits your budget), Park next to cart return so you can easily grab and put away your cart. Just like when I wrote this post on 6-9 month schedules, keeping the small bit of sanity I have left in check is so important. As a Stay at home mom, I want to enjoy the journey. During your baby’s nap, this is a good time to do some housekeeping tasks and to give some one-on-one attention to your toddler. Maintain a rest time for older preschoolers who have dropped naps. Amaya plays with Mom while her older brother watches Sesame Street. Get Organized & Create Routines for Your Family. This page was included by on their list of the Top Sites for Toddler Activities! Trending. At this point, you’ve cleaned up, played with your toddler, and maybe even done a bit of laundry. There was an error submitting your subscription. Time to get the baby up and ready for the day. Me time (I would like to have this in afternoon, while the baby would still be napping). How to Create a Stay at Home Mom Schedule Tip #1: Make Sleep Schedules Work For You. And seriously, I am obsessed with routines! This is just to give you a sample schedule that has worked for other moms (including me). To get started creating your schedule, it’s important to plan around the needs of your toddler. load and start the dishwasher) so you can spend a couple of stress-free hours relaxing together. Do you have an editable online version? 6am-7am: Harper usually wakes up between 6-6:30 and P usually around 7. I live in Canada and our winters last forever. But I’ve found that one of the best ways to get organized and have happy kids is to establish a schedule and routine that works for you, your baby, and your toddler. I want to intentionally plan things to do with my boys because they’ll only be this age once! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Your wake up time (has to be before or with your baby). It’s important to note that no 2 kids (and no 2 moms) are the same. As a busy and often tired mom, you can just go with the flow as you follow the routine and you don’t have to push yourself too much or expend willpower. All Rights Reserved, The 5 Best Raised Toilet Seats For The Elderly, stay at home mom schedule for toddler and newborn, stay at home mom schedule with school age, How Do You Know When A Man Loves You Deeply – 40 Signs, Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas To Help You Bond And Reconnect, 8 Alternatives To Video Games For Your Child, Open-Ended Toys for Kids: Options for All Ages & Buying Guide. Getting out of the house every single day goes a long way to keeping you and your kids sane and happy. (In fact, research suggests that starting tidying habits while in the toddler stage makes it more likely s/he’ll be helpful when older!). This is perfect and exactly what I needed! Thank you . How to Get Stuff Done with a Baby and a Toddler, 8 Tips to Survive a Newborn and a Toddler, How to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Baby, the free  5-day Morning Makeover email challenge, The Simple Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To, The 10 Best Double Strollers for a Newborn & Toddler, 7 recipes are healthy and can be made in under 30 minutes, tips for a simple and tear-free bedtime routine,, everyone getting enough sleep–including YOU. After waking the baby, you’ll change the diaper, get dressed, cuddle, and nurse. Good luck with the little ones . Hopefully, the above sample stay-at-home mom schedule for toddler and baby gave you some ideas about how you can create a daily schedule and routine that works for your family. Create a routine for your child/children. But you’re not ready to head to bed. You can teach your toddler to quietly play with toys in their room upon waking and come out once the green light goes off. (Honestly, I avoid TV because I would binge an ENTIRE SEASON of a Netflix show without moving off the couch.). You can do bath time together and then: For more help on creating a great bedtime routine, check out these tips for a simple and tear-free bedtime routine. I have a 2 year old and 3 months old.. See more ideas about kids and parenting, toddler activities, toddler. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. For example, if you start your day later, you can just move up all the activities. Her lunch is usually leftovers from the night before, a toddler approved Green Smoothie, Annie’s Mac and Cheese (no shame in my game! Fill in the important parts, like meals and naps, and family time. 7:00am: Toddler wakeup, diaper change and breakfast. Toddler Schedule For The Stay-At-Home-Mom. Meal prep times and eating time (prep time of course before the tot and the family are due for their meals and your eating time with them or right after; no you cannot wait till the baby is napping and after you have rested a bit). Should it be used for when the baby is 6-10 weeks old (once it stops feeding on demand)? Sample schedules by baby's age -- Whether you are a new twin mom, on maternity leave, a full time working mom or have decided to leave your job and stay home to be with your children, being a mom and learning how to organize your day is H-A-R-D. With baby playing in a swing or bouncer, the rest of you can eat dinner together and enjoy family time before the bedtime routine begins. Bonus if you can get your toddler to join you in tidying! Because when we firmly establish routines in our lives, it’s easy to just go through the motions and follow our “muscle memory”. That’s what this post is all about: providing a sample stay-at-home mom schedule for a toddler and a baby AND helping you adapt it to create your own schedule that works for you. You can even go for outings that both get you out of the house and check something off your list like exercising or going to the grocery store. This is a great time for independent play. I have juggled a baby and a toddler for six years. Example of a Stay At Home Mom Schedule for a Toddler. Partner time (This would always be after the baby would be put to bed for the night). However, a few months back I posted on Instagram four planners (basically just school calendar books) I had bought from the Dollar Tree. This is just a suggested template to work with. 3: 00 pm to 6:00 pm – Small snack followed by playtime (at least an hour outside). But feel free to create your own personalized schedule with the blank templates I provide with the other schedule . If you need help getting yourself ready for the day, check out the free  5-day Morning Makeover email challenge or sign up below. Here are three simple steps that will transform your stay at home mom schedule. 12-2 PM – Naptime, glorious, naptime. Which means a lot of extra effort if you still have a baby waking at night. Do you have any advice for outings once it gets colder out? Current books on repeat are The Biggest Story ABC and First Bible Basics: A Counting Primer . Inexpensive and super cute. RELATED: The 10 Best Double Strollers for a Newborn & Toddler.

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