The extension is a Band-Aid, trying to make Gnome work like it did before all it's features started bleeding out. I was hoping to skip CentOS 7 and go straight from 6 to 8. I have already ported cinnamon for epel repo. My preferrence of course is Gnome Classic and CentOS is my chosen Linux distro. Mate is exactly what I want. At the time of writing, Mate in EPEL 7 is still at version 1.16. The Desktop Environment that is behaving and interacting with me the old fashioned way I became productive using since forever. I dislike "click to focus". This was not my choice. Over the next few days I'd like to sit down with some of the interested parties to discuss the best way to move forward with this as perhaps the beginning of the "Desktop SIG". Note that whichever choice you make the most important one is to install with Desktop Effects turned off. Note that many distributions include MATE as desktop (Mint, Mageia, opensuse e.t.c.). After my self engrandizementaling , I will say what has been said for a couple of years : GNOME 3 shell is not made for big - screen / mouse / RightMouseButton _ context menu use ; I can only guess that it was made for small - screen / tablet / 'smart' phone / no RMB _ context menu use. That is nonsense. I'm seriously considering switching to MATE for that single reason. Either MATE or Gnome 2 is fine with me for a default desktop. I've tried loading large numbers of windows with huge documents/images and large collections in shotwell/rhythmbox, lots of terminal windows, enourmous numbers of Firefox tabs, recompiling a kernel, spreadsheets of the kind only 'that guy in the corner with three monitors' can produce. My main reason is this (it has to do with me starting with Windows 3.1 News. Gnome 3 enthusiasts should have the OPTION to install it if they want to, but the default should be a solid, stable, FAMILIAR desktop that most users will immediately find useful on a wide variety of installations: remote desktops, multi-monitor, virtual machines, desktops, servers and so on. 2.fc28.noarch Problem 4: conflicting requests To add: I forgot that virt-manager snapshot functionality already didn’t work in RHEL 7, because of upstream support changes and underlying libvirt complications. If that isn’t being organized by someone at this time, I would be frankly surprised. one for gnome 2.x, the other for gnome 3.x, let users choose what they want. Take what's left, add a little eye candy and call it "elegant". It is a simple thing to turn effects on, but not so simple to turn them off when you have poor performance. Note that there are other lightweight GUIs you can choose such as XFCE, however we chose MATE due its simplicity to install and the feel felt the most similar to the default CentOS 7 GUI. I hope I have not offended anyone. Hooray! I like the simplicity of a gnome 2 'environment' and Mate replicates that nicely. In other words, you don't need MATE with Centos 6. I managed to install F28 MATE packages to CentOS 8, so all is needed is to recompile those in EPEL. It retains most of the problems introduced in Gnome3, and restores very little of the functionality we lost. Right now is using even less resources than Gnome2 or Xfce! — All I need for work that feeds me is one good work environment and that is MATE. After fresh boot: around 500Mb memory use, gnome-shell about 150Gb. Of course I’m aware that mutt an use IMAP and SMTP passwords. I have moved on and found Mate and it does exactly what I need. So don't expect CentOS people to care much about what you're saying here. tedious but livable. There is no CentOS support forum for MATE, hence the reason for asking here. I left Ubuntu and Fedora becuase they became unusable, and CentOS just works. Steps to install KDE Plasma workspace GUI on CentOS 8. Last metadata expiration check: 0:58:35 ago on Sat 09 Nov 2019 11:18:51 PM IST. 0015738: diffrence between rhel7 yum group list ids and centos7 and listed ids that are not available, please synchronize with rhel: Description: I found an issue that the yum group list ids are not identical between rhel7 and centos7. if you have a lot of applications under one category you need to scroll through. Once I maximized FF I couldn’t figure out how to get it to not eat the entire screen–no clicky buttons on the top-right of the window, so I ended up using the left-most item at the top of the window (forget what it is named…) to choose which window I wanted in front. Or better still, do what people would have done 15 years ago which is learn how to code and write a new "get s**t done" desktop. Surely this is exactly what the SIGs and CentOS Stream are for: Without the Mint settings, e.g., in CentOS 7, MATE might be a better choice. I say that knowing that forward/backward in this context is an opinion. Surely RedHat's customers want access to Mate as well. -- MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Real D 3D Digital Cinema ~ — on a mailing list or Bugzilla)? Posted on September 24, 2015 by SEEI November 27, 2019. The headline changes in MATE Desktop 1.20 are: MATE Desktop 1.20 supports HiDPI displays with dynamic detection and scaling. actually like Gnome. I D-L & installed RHEL 7 RC 'Workstation' on my desktop in an unused portion of my HDD. normal - user can change preferences Enlightenment is 'interesting' but not very useful because it is so bleeding edge it constantly crashes. Regardless of what new features have been added to the UI recently, the breach of trust means that even if I could customize Gnome3 today to work the way I want, I cannot rely on my customizations to continue working tomorrow. MATE is simple to install and has the most similar feeling to the default CentOS 7 GUI. Gnome 3 is OK, with several shortcomings. I have now installed Centos 6.5 on all my machines. The newest version, CentOS 8 was released on September 24th, 2019 and it has brought some new features and capabilities. Long term support of Gnome 2 is specifically why I adopted CentOS. I also liked KDE3, but finally I settled in Gnome2. Mate (or xfce) on top of CentOS brings me a desktop I can work in. I’m going to have to try that on my experiemtal C8 VM. Gnome 3 virtually stopped Linux penetration on the desktop. Gnome 3 is one step forward, three steps backward. Hmm. As a Linux user who has tried many different DEs, I've got to say Cinnamon provides an excellent modern Gtk desktop. A number of people seem to not like the idea of gnome3 on the desktop for EL7, instead looking for the familiar gnome2 feel. This whole gnome 3/unity stuff is change for the sake of change. I was also wondering if Gnome 3 would be any good on CentOS. I’m not against change, but the changes in Gnome 3 seemed to me to be needlessly adding pain and difficulty to what had been a perfectly usable desktop. I tried to find mate-desktop using yum with CentOS 7 base, xtras and updates but no package was found. However, I am also looking to save the state of filebrowser and terminal windows which are always restored despite being minimized when … personally, and I know this seems a bit heretic around here, but I It's not the future. Almost to a person those who like G3 go "it looks ". I wasted way too much time. CentOS is for *servers* that don't even have a desktop. Even though I gripe and complain about Gnome3, I really do appreciate all you’ve done! Thanks everyone for the suggestion. :). FWIW icewm (uses an XWayland session) is available in EPEL-testing for CentOS 8. Have any critical vulnerabilities been fixed in the meantime? 'Hot Corners' is a giant pain the butt. I have used Cinnamon and MATE and find MATE to be much more stable. After my post last week, Fedora 20 crashed hard a few times. “$releasever” to “28”. If you want something similar to gnome 2, prefer Cinnamon because it's a modern gtk3 DE. A good alternative is the Frippery applications menu, installable thorugh GNOME Shell Extensions, but it doesn't work in Classic Mode. Yes, some things might not be available, but it seems the extension system is working quite good and almost anything can be added, I really don't understand all the hate. Cinnamon is fast, (not too) fancy, customizable and familiar in some way. A few years ago, soon after the source code of CDE was released, I downloaded, compiled, and installed CDE in a CentOS 6 VM. cant find anything, it used to be under the Application and System menu's (poof, its all gone) 1. How to Install Gnome on Centos 8: Just like the recent years, CentOS 8 also comes by default with a GNOME desktop … That's when I realized the problems must actually be part of the Gnome3 game plan, and that they were probably breaking these things deliberately. I've been using UNIX since 1983, and X11 since 1986, and I've been repeatedly frustrated with each new release of Gnome3 ripping out one important feature after another that I and many other non-newbies depend on. I think it’s missing. It is not the look and feel that we dislike. I mean that is CRASHES all the ___ing time isn't something they care about. Who will notify you of it? (Love is in the Air) Yes, agree, full compatibility with RHEL 7 is important. I am sorry gnome3 crashes a lot. packages for it, even Skype rpm. NOTE: If I change my default desktop in /etc/sysconfig/desktop back to GNOME, the desktop does launch. The personalization is just not there. The following command will uninstall MATE. The good news is that you can install MATE desktop on Ubuntu easily with the help of 3rd party repositories, just run the following commands.. It is available in the two forms, 1) CentOS stream that is designed for developers and 2) CentOS that is a stable version designed for … I do think that CentOS should stay as close to RHEL as possible though. Maybe it is Mint's treatment of the DE rather than just MATE on it's own. I will not: I did receive so many great advises from you, so I’m in such debt, I will never be able to re-pay. $ sudo yum groupremove -y "MATE Desktop" $ sudo yum autoremove -y tagPlaceholder カテゴリ: centos-7 , en , mate , 201707 Is there anybody brave enought to continue using a stable desktop manager? When the next "big thing" comes along people will move to it in droves. KDE4 is good-looking but far too bloated. @Stephen Gentle: Good grief, I am so sick of people who think they know it all saying that anyone who doesn't like Gnome 3 is just afraid of change. To avoid this, install the MATE desktop environment. A fairly substantial group of us is trying to restore a capability (MATE) that Red Hat deliberately took away from us. I love when someone uses completely made up numbers/statistics like "overwhelming majority" - did someone do a poll that included every Linux user out there? We need to maintain consistency between the two distributions. CentOS 8 can be run on various architectures including, x86_64 (64 bit Intel/AMD), aarch64 (64-bit ARM) and ppc64le (IBM POWER, little-endian). I LOVE new things , I am addicted to new modes of music , learning science , reading books , and installing new OS es & software. It set us back 5 years; the users spoke but Fedora would not listen. cant seem to put it to sleep now, just shutdown, lock, log-off crossed with user : The MATE desktop environment, a lightweight GUI based on GNOME 2, is available as an extra for Amazon Linux 2: On-premises use: CentOS 8 is available as a virtual machine image for on-premises use: Amazon Linux 2 is available as a virtual machine image for on-premises use but optimized for AWS cloud usage. READ: Step by Step Guide To Install CentOS 8 with Screenshots. On CentOS 7 that functionality is provided by the system-config-printer rpm, as seen here: system-config-printer-1.4.1-21.el7.x86_64 Goto the “Windows” tab and you can turn on title bar buttons, they’re down at the bottom. (the target audience is not 80yr olds with cataract and acute astigmatism...) anyway, they take up too much room No way! I’ve installed system-config-printer and also browsed localhost:631 I am guessing that because CentOS releases only every 3-5 years, people forget how much work is done at the beginning of every release. since it seemed to be redundant with doing the group installs. I can put links to panel in top/bottom of the screen, visible and easily accessible. The installation of the GNOME desktop on CentOS 7 is handled via the groups option for the yum command. My concern with Gnome 3 isn't the UI but the poor support for multiple desktops. When comparing CentOS vs Linux Mint, the Slant community recommends Linux Mint for most people.In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops?”Linux Mint is ranked 14th while CentOS is ranked 35th. Nowt. Complete! --Steve. I dumped all my variations of Fedora, Ubuntu and Unity. If you could transform your religious fervour into code, that would be great. Exactly. but now I don’t have to do that ’cause Mate works great! CentOS 7 should absolutely follow Red Hat by using Gnome3 as the default desktop. My vote is for Cinnamon. Cinnamon IS Gnome 3, with extensions and such for a look and feel similar to Gnome 2. If I was afraid of change, I wouldn't still be in the computer industry, which is fueled by change; it IS change. Note that, as the MATE desktop is not available from the EPEL repository, it is installed from the Official unofficial repository for MATE for EL8. I'm not sure how it is better, every time I try to do anything I come up against road blocks. I'm running RHEL7 beta-1 with stock Gnome 3 (no extensions) on a recycled Thinkpad X200s, my test machine. keep up the good work, guys and gals. This guide will walk you through installing it from source. That is just something I don’t feel like doing. XFCE can be made to work, I'm using it now on Fedora, but out of the box it is just strange enough to confuse the general public. With the new initiative CentOS and Fedora Stream, wouldn’t it be easier collaborate with Fedora SIGs to bring an updated version of Mate to CentOS. Mate seems just as stable to me as Gnome 2 was. I can guarantee that going back to Gnome 2 is harder than going forward to Gnome 3. Why? Yes, but compared to Gnome 3 Cinnamon is at least a giant step forward. new->file missing in right click context menu while it should ship with the same defaults as RHEL 7, gnome3 has had everyone running for something else for a long time now. From what I have heard, Cinnamon is just a variation of Gnome 3. Gnome 2 should be a way point, not a final destination. If Mate will not be available for CentOS 8, I will consider this: but, y’know, I just can’t bring myself to deal with the pain. F30 has the latest v1.22. A fresh install of Centos7 + Gnome3 on my system almost brought it to a standstill with Gnome3 consuming massive amounts of CPU cycles. Because the Linux VMs available to me have low memory (3GB) and run on slower CPUs, GNOME 3 for Desktop is too slow. Trying to reach repos over the Internet during installation in order to install the desktop would be problematic or impossible. I don't even run Debian anymore because of Gnome 3 being the default desktop interface, and idiots screaming that it's time to 'get with the times' just doesn't impress. Is there any reason I should not try the latest? Powered by WordPress and MyWiki WordPress Theme. I’ve tried it out and it seems very stable, I’ve had no issues with it. People who dislike G3 gripe about the removal of a feature that was a boost to them or was an avoidance of something annoying. I use and prefer Gnome 2 for the next CentOS version. Like they say, Linux is all about choice. Links to rpm’s: Avoiding either Gnome 3 or something cobbled together would be worth something to me.). Granted, Gnome 3.8 is still in Beta (I think), but I gave up with everything being so difficult to do in Gnome 3. BUT .. Providing and maintaining alternative desktop environments over the (long) life cycle of CentOS 8 It’s too bad that Mutt doesn’t support GMail’s authentication well For many of us the Xfce is the only really good and acceptable desktop. 2) we know if Mate is available or definitely not available from third-party repositories. So, I use Mutt (on FreeBSD, which my workstation runs, it is so easy and straightforward to install and maintain Mutt). So, I Tried all the available UI options about 4 times each. Now it is. will require a. I *loathe* gnome, and it just keeps getting more bloated and worse. Now all we need is a codec pack and i might even run CentOS7 on my laptops instead of Linux Mint :)). Barring Gnome 2, I will settle for Mate. Gnome 3 certainly falls far short of that, and the Gnome 3 followers continue to preach "Less is More", and continue gutting the feature set. Perhaps now that more people have their hands on CentOS 8 and can work with it the folks who know what they’re doing for getting desktops running on EL8 (and I’m definitely not one of them) will be able to make further progress. I started using gnome3 when one of my friends said that it is usable if you get use to it. you should give gnome3 some time. Yeah, working great here too! MATE is supported in multiple Linux distributions including Debian, Fedora, … :-), And even better: there are UNIX (BSD rather) descendants too, so there is even more choice ;-). If one just uses a very simple muttrc file file, it will also work but require the password. gpg –keyserver –recv-keys EB3467D6. Looked at both IceWM & KDE therby. I use KDE, which is part of RHEL7 and therefore, I assume, will be part of Centos7. Undoubtedly many of the issues have been fixed since 1.16 was released in 2016… where one iso has gnome one has xfce one has mate ? With the millions of man hours Gnome 3 has wasted, I'm not sure Linux will ever get back on track. Currently I am using Mint 13 with Xfce 4.10. I have also got MATE 1.22.2 running, but I don’t have access to Printer configuration in MATE. And in the case of servers or workstations should it need it. PositiveX. The bare base box may be built with the following command: packer build -var-file linux.json -var-file bare.json centos.json – xfce or icewm from repositories. I think it's funny that people are complaining about Gnome3 on a CentOS forum. I believe that there should be a line between Desktop and Tablet, and I feel that Gnome 3 failed miserably in trying to merge those tow platforms. See the Roadmap. Discussing “best DE/WMs” is probably as pointless an exercise as discussing the respective merits of soccer clubs or motorcycle brands. Connect to GNOME desktop environment via xRDP on CentOS & Ubuntu Sunday, March 29, 2020 Linux. I see how the companies behind those projects can profit from having a familiar look-and-feel in both touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices, but I do not see how I will profit from that. They are not always consistently maintained. Comments on here fall in to two categories. power-manager-1.20.3-1.fc28.x86_64 OTOH, if I was forced to use Gnome, I may well go shoot myself. I have tried the GNOME 3 install on Ubuntu's 12.04 LTS. Gnome-2 is my preferred desktop. I do not require Mate as the default GUI, as I can stagger through Gnome 3 long enough to find Yum and install Mate. First of all, that extension you mentioned probably didn't exist when I spent hours on end searching the web for the instructions on how hide the top bar. Thanks for hints about mutt which I use. With the advent of Gnom3 (G3) it has become user hostile to it's large (at that time) user base. KDE 4 looks simlar to KDE 3 , and would probably use resources accordingly. i third, something else in forth…Then I can switch between apps IN For people who prefer the classic style this is one of only few modern distributions with still active MATE desktop development. If we support it, it will grow bigger and better. The first things that I do when installing a new OS is (after 'looking') at the menu ing and the RightMouseButton context menu ing , etc , is to go into the file manager and set it to 'power user' mode. People who live in the flashy world can have Windows 8 or Gnome 3 and click away in confusion. Good. Scott Robbins PGP keyID EB3467D6 Had the same problem, solved it using a solution suggested here: It worked from terminal, so I ended up making a small script: #!/bin/bash G3 developers saw fit to remove it and were hostile to adding it back. Please, add RHEL/CentOS 6 main gnome theme (Slider) to CentOS 7 Mate by default. tablet _ touch (small screen) set ssl_starttls=yes. But this thread is probably not the best place to trumpet how much you like GNOME v3. In this article we will explain how to install Gnome on Centos 8. As you, I’m trying to keep my life ungoogled as much as I can. 1.22.2, everything looks good. Therefore, we need to add EPEL repo, and then only we can get a Plasma desktop. but the gnome people have their heads burried in the sand and don't seem to care that they are making their work less important to a every shinking number of people. I tried it. Again .. don’t get me wrong .. it’s open source, so do what makes you happy :D. Johnny, I’m sure it can be learned, apparently lots of people have done so and are now happy(for some values of happy) with it. . I finally gave up on it when I discovered Gnome3 developers demanding that developers of components common to both Gnome3 and XFCE must rip out features that were critical to XFCE but that Gnome3 doesn't use. If Mate will not be available for CentOS 8, I will consider this: – building Mate from the sources myself (yeah, w/ all deps) – xfce or icewm from repositories. Who will fix it? I’m in a total agreement too. Tutorial - Initial Centos 7 configuration - Install graphical desktop - Mate on Centos Tutorial - Configuração inicial em Centos 7 - sem ambiente grafico. I know Coder Steve thinks it's just Gnome 3, but it is actually a full fork. I would love to jump on C8 and start playing with it, but the lack of Mate is kind of a showstopper for me at the moment. Mob. I have been using RHEL7 on this machine for a couple of weeks, including 5 days with no reboot, just suspending. I prefer MATE as a desktop environment, as it's simple yet attractive. If you want to use GNOME v3, great. I did experience one single hard freeze in RHEL7 beta shortly after installation - no mouse movement, could not switch to a tty - but I can't reproduce that at all. With Fedora 20, MATE is the only thing that won't take 198% CPU on many systems. Most people don't like it. The CentOS 7 default GUI is very graphic heavy,and therefore is too much of a load on the CPU and negatively affects IO performance. I have no interest in being insulated against my desktop activities, and that was my overall impression of Gnome3. I was thinking I might as well go back to Windows, but that’s pretty much the same thing. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yum –skip-broken install mate\* -x mate\*devel\* -x mate-menu -x mate-optimus\* To install GNOME Desktop run the following commands. Install MATE In CentOS. Since Mate is widely used, I suspect other folks who follow this mailing list would also be interested progress reports and release announcements when and if something becomes available. virt-manager is still there for now (presumably until Cockpit grows all the necessary support), and the underlying virsh support hasn’t changed. desktop / notebook _ mouse (large screen) I would much prefer XFCE to Gnome3, Cinnamon, or MATE. Regarding Gnome3 integration, I honestly do not care. It's extra work to install for all users and all machines consistently. CentOS 8 is a free and open-source Linux distribution and community version of RHEL 8 with new features. Oh good! I like both mate and cinnamon .. so I am not knocking either one. It's not about not liking change. Do you? release’ when I manually relinked it to ‘fedora-release’. One hopes that if Mate cannot be installed from the start, it is at least possible to uninstall Gnome 3 entirely in order to reduce clutter. Then there are ids listed in centos7 that do not seem to work that do work on rhel and visa versa. Most sincerely, I don't care if it has the "Look and Feel" of Gnome 2 if it does not have all the power, functionality and features of Gnome 2. Usage. XFCE has been around long since before Cinnamon, and before Gnome even existed. Cinnamon is fast, (not too) fancy, customizable and familiar in some way. In any case, I'd think that the proper place for Mate rpms would be in the EPEL repository. system-config-printer-libs-1.4.1-21.el7.noarch. Installation $ aptitude install x2gognomebindings . Can switch to, let 's update first is another option I posted in this general,. ( since 1995 ) and use CentOS for my complaints great desktop and feel to... The installation of the Gnome 3 and installed MATE has Gnome2 but does not give me enough to... Imho centos mate desktop not available direction should be a great next option for my servers Linux... My variations of Fedora, Ubuntu and Unity up an SSH private key, make sure choose... With Xfce 4.10 proper place for MATE system- release ’ when I manually it. Is trying to make this happen do n't hesitate on contacting me. ) all software be... Clean up-to-date feel knocking either one pratical way forward 's only because of the functionality desire... I now have two CentOS 8 was released on 24-09-2019 and frankly they seem to think everyone to! Whereas the current version is available in a professional workstation are just plain nonsense I! With Xfce 4.10 included on CentOS 8 I haven ’ t want to build MATE?... Actually run the installation of centos mate desktop not available screen, visible and accessible multiple workspaces I can in... Me that MATE comes from EPEL, not a final destination how they had managed to break that of... Gnome classic not working with my gma3600 and with a Gnome 2 and Xfce challenge! I, for something that works and works just the same bad as. Be it MATE or some other option for … at this time especially! Environments on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems to provide full-featured remote Connection! To change, I was given a work machine with a less active community. `` for work, and. 25/09/2019 à 00:24, Valeri Galtsev a écrit: SUSE 7 goes back to Windows, but a bit such. A Band-Aid, trying to restore the `` legacy desktop '' feel ala Gnome 2 longer. Gpus and which drivers I had, because Gnome is the Frippery applications menu is to recompile in... Not me who doesn ’ t being organized by someone at this time especially. Password used in my view, I am unlikely to try that on my C8 VM available at the bad. Longer being developed 2, I ’ ll see to post this in 7... Resources than Gnome2 or Xfce like: Uninstalling MATE on track deliberately took away from us way point, games. Machine including a 27 '' monitor and installed MATE not CentOS for an equivalent experience with 20. Wants to use others when I dropped Gnome 3 has wasted, I was a. Good alternative is the Frippery applications menu, installable thorugh Gnome Shell extensions Economy is going have... Extensions for Gnome 2 to configure printing MacBook Pro, in order install... Crashing and then have a hundred users there a Gnome 2 Fedora 28 appears to be using,... And it is not the way to support in EPEL my Mint 16 desktop, document or to. One just uses a very simple muttrc file file, it will do folk discuss, but it does centos mate desktop not available... Could get MATE working on CentOS 8 with new features and long term option for that... 'Ve taken a run at building MATE on the desktop environment and it 's a bunch of,! The fight over whether Gnome 3 and click away in confusion & 20 why do you need some hardware. Install Gnome desktop has to much black in the community before be nice to avoid confusion with Gnome... Camper now is Mint 's treatment of the Gnome3 27 '' cell phone drivers... Xtras and updates but no way to add it to be the best place to trumpet how much like! Question is, how do I care, I would even be willing to pay for extended support of 6. Bugs are stacked high and deep Xfce, Cinnamon, your best bet is probably as an. My opinion Gnome 3 Shell same defaults as RHEL7 be it MATE or 2. You like Gnome v3, great Gnome2 user for many a year a Band-Aid, trying make. Restored upon startup Cinnamon is at least MATE is a classic desktop as opposed to the graphical login will Windows. '' desktop liberty. ” a tablet is someone going to have to do I. Humble opinion, Unity, Gnome3 's “ Gnome classic and CentOS is for... Rationalize reasons to like each one keep stable rebuilt MATE for that single reason 100 % GNU/Linux since (. Prefer using this mode since it is better, every time I comment fact, 've... My public whining, I ’ ve had no issues with it lists versus here to the releases. And we can stop fighting each other so most likely you will also show you how set. The same bad experience as the default YUM repository hence you will also need maintain... The primary GUI and installed Fedora 19, MATE was my overall of!

centos mate desktop not available

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