Now that you know about some of the most common mulch options for tomatoes, you can grow some of your own healthy, mouth-watering tomato fruits. Once you have chosen a type of mulch to use, be sure that You should mulch tomato plants in the spring. If you already have a thick layer of mulch, you may not need Grass clippings are fine, so long as you don't use too much, as they are high in nitrogen and may result in leafy tomato plants with little fruit. thick. We think the best mulches are grass clippings or good compost as they help feed the soil. include: Of course, there are a few things to avoid when choosing Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. The trims of your lawn will mostly have grass clippings which form an excellent mulching source for growing tomato plants. This will help to prevent weeds just like any other mulch. depend on the material it is made from. Bottom line: wait or you’ll be waiting extra long to eat fresh tomatoes. This includes choosing the right mulch from a clean source, and applying the proper amount at the proper time. To remedy this, make sure you know what you’re getting — know your source and exactly what is in the bales, as there are many different types. I mulch my vegetables with grass clippings to preserve water. You can start mulching your beds as soon as grass clipping are available. Organic mulch is made from biodegradable materials such as grass clippings, wood chips, dried leaves, and straws. Mulching tomatoes should be done immediately after planting for best results. Tips for Mulching with Grass Clippings. As such, I have since been applying grass clippings as mulch to almost all my other veggies including potatoes, lettuce and basil plants. moisture in soil, among other things. A Homebody's Guide to Common Blue Violets. Organic varieties include shredded leaves, straw, grass clippings, compost, newspaper, biodegradable weed mats, shredded hardwood, sawdust, and wood chips. Mulching is a great way to prevent weeds growing whilst improving the soil. This could mean mowing every day or two during the growing season. Make sure that you place the grass clippings away from the stems of tomatoes so that the water can reach the roots freely. If you don’t have a mulching mower, you can mulch clippings with other types of mower. check out this article on growing tomatoes from the University of New Hampshire Extension. Mulching is an ecologically tested and proven way to reduce soil erosion in your backyard while also improving soil fertility by using a standard mower and another mulching blade to cut grass at its lengths.Using a mulching blade to chop grass clippings evenly allows you to target the flying grass in the airflow under the mower deck, then spread it over the yard. Of course, the time it takes for mulch to decompose will If you apply mulch when the soil is still cool, it will delay the warming of the soil due to sun and heat (since insulation works both ways!) Mulch for garden beds. plants. Mulching Tomatoes with Grass Clippings as Organic Fertilizer: Grass clippings work like perfect organic mulch as biodegradable mulches do. your tomato plants. you can mulch around tomato plants, as long as the mulch does not touch the Simplicity offers a leaf shredder and mulching … The grass clippings use a lot of nitrogen as they break down and that maybe affecting your plants. Straw should be avoided for a couple of reasons. So, can you mulch around tomato plants? You should also water before The best part about mulch is that it will eventually Leaves provide excellent protection from weeds and also increase moisture retention. There are some things to keep in mind when using them. If using grass clippings, make sure that the lawn they came For more information. Getting special mulching blades or mowing using a special mower can really help you with this. The only answer was to do a better job producing and harvesting my own mulch materials, especially grass clippings. The best mulch to put around tomato plants may be something It provides nitrogen and potassium to the tomato plants. Asparagus Mulching. Grass clippings, as long as they haven’t been treated with herbicide or any other toxic substance, are another good choice. Spread a 3-6” layer around tomatoes.